The Six Basic Human Needs.

The basic human needs are popular and discussed by numerous great people in history. Each human has basic needs, not just desires but profound needs that lie deep within and motivate every step we take. There are six basic human needs as explained in the below article.
The first need is certainty/comfort. The very thing a human need is a certainty. It is a human need to feel in control as well as know what is coming next in order to feel secure. For more info on Human Needs, click 6 human needs. It is the need to avoid stress and pain, create pleasure and basic comfort. The human need for certainty is a mechanism for survival affecting our willingness to take risks in life. The more the need for certainty, the lower the risk one wills to take.
The second need is uncertainty/variety. It is given that humans do not like surprises. They only like the surprises they want and call those they dislike problems. However, these surprises are crucial in putting pressure into your life. Unless there is something giving you pressure, you cannot become strong.
Thirdly, there is a need for significance. Humans need to feel needed, unique, special or important. Some people satisfy this need by earning high incomes or many academic degrees, tattooing themselves all over, having a mass twitter following, or by having problems that anyone else. Some people feel significant by using less money while others do so by spending a lot. Some rich men feel significant by hiding their wealth. The significance is felt when you have a thing making you to stand out.
The fourth need is love and connection. Love is compared to oxygen in life as it is what every human needs most. When one loves completely, they feel alive but on losing love, one experiences much pain. To learn more about Human Needs, visit insecure attachment in infants. The sense of connection can be got through friendship, intimacy, walking in nature, having a pet, or praying.
The fifth need is growth. If a human being is not growing, he is dying. No matter how much you have accumulated in your bank account, the number of friends and how many people like you, you will not get real fulfillment. We grow to get something valuable to give.
Finally, there is a need for contribution. It is said that the secret to living is giving. Life is not only about me but us. Sharing makes you experience better things. Life is about creating meaning and the meaning does not arise from what you get but what you give. Learn more from

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